The M240i acts as the temporary king of the mountains until M2 arrives later this year. To capitalize on the brand’s strong recognition, BMW M has launched a wide array of performance components. You’re probably showing them all without any extra traffic, leaving the inline-six untouched. Even then those who want (In sight) Their sports cars can spend more on these trinkets.

A fully loaded M240i xDrive is currently on display at the BMW Welt in Munich to show off its many optional upgrades. The car has a heavy dose of carbon fiber, starting from the front for the contour of the kidney grille and the splitter of the bumper. On the back, different diffusers are made from the same lightweight material and are enclosed by dual exhaust tips with a high-gloss black appearance.

The one that stands out the most is the Chunky Trunk Lead Spoiler, one of the M Performance Carbon Fiber items. Some would argue that this is a bit more for a non-M car, although it works well with the blackened M240i badge. For those body decals, these come in a frozen black color with a dark side skirt and a Y-spoke design with 20-inch matte jet black wheels.

No internal shots were given, but we know the cabin could be taken to the next level. The BMW M240i sells body-hugging with a front seat whose rear shell combines the Alcantara with carbon fiber. The same combo is also used for the M-performance steering wheel provided with carbon-fiber shift pedals. From gear levers to side seals, the component is widely used throughout the cabin.

Slapping on every understandable upgrade on an M240i may not be the best idea because it makes it very glamorous. That said, some of these cosmetic tweaks can give a more aggressive look without overdoing 2er. Rest assured the upcoming M2 will get its own batch M performance item when it launches after 2022.

Source: BMW / Instagram