BMW M140i 700 Horsepower Drag Race Lamborghini Huracan STO

In any normal situation, a drag race between a BMW M140i and any modern Lamborghini would seem out of place. However, it is not just an F20, it is one that is more than twice the capacity of a standard hot hatch. In fact, we’re looking at a bonkers build that is an xDrive model with 700 hp on both taps sent to Excel. Perhaps more impressive is the amount of torque, a mountain-moving 930 Nm (686 lb-ft).

Former racing driver Daniel Abbott hosted a drag race between Super Hatch and the worst Huracan to date, the Super Trophy Omologata. Although the M140i has horsepower and torque advantages, it carries an additional 201 kilograms (443 pounds) extra. BMW, on the other hand, has AWD where the Italian supercar V10 supplies the muscles to the rear axle.

Another difference is that the Huracan STO is wild and the M140i looks like a slipper. You don’t have to say that 700 horses are hidden under the hood, enough to compete with a mid-engine supercar. In the first drag race, BMW hit 100 km / h (62 mph) in 2.93 seconds, beating Lamborghini by more than 0.5 seconds.

BMW M140i Championship Edition 2 830x830

Despite the rage of its naturally ambitious 5.2-liter engine, the Huracan STO has failed to catch on. The M140i completed the quarter mile in 10.55 seconds and had a trap speed of 215 km / h (134 miles). The road required an Italian race car to cross the finish line at a speed of 11.08 seconds and 212 km / h (132 miles).

The second run was a different story because BMW’s launch control failed to lead Lamborghini and it never lost. Subsequent conflicts took revenge on the M140i and it turned out better, so the Huracan STO was unable to recover the lost space. In the final showdown, the amped-up hatch won despite a bad start.

A straight-line race is not entirely indicative of a vehicle’s performance because the Huracan will be much faster on a track. Lamborghini has created it to kill corners where the BMW M140i is a different variant of a performance car.

Source: Daniel Abbott / YouTube

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