In this video, we see a BMW iX driverless testing car, or simply, a BMW iX self-driving model. Special self-driving BMW Some of the simulations and test situations performed manually by BMW testing engineers are used automatically. It is based on the BMW iX electric vehicle, but is equipped with a wide range of technologies: 5G connection from GPS unit, sensors, emergency braking system and a fully-fledged computer housed in the trunk.

BMW says the car is used to test endurance and durability, and especially to perform mundane tasks that require a lot of human input. By using this technology in a number of vehicles, BMW can free their engineers to perform other tasks as well. Of course, the car comes with safety features for braking or stopping the car and many failed switches are installed. Demoti took place on a pre-programmed road at the BMW Driving Experience Center in Mysore and involved driving straight on the road, slams in the cone, speeding tactics and emergency braking.

Another exercise showed us a fleet of three driverless BMW models – iX, M3 and M4 – which were also programmed to run independently of each other on pre-programmed routes. Here the idea was shown that even more complex driving situations could be achieved, without the use of a human driver.

And while these cars are only used for internal testing, BMW is actually developing next-generation autonomous driving features in other cars. The upcoming BMW 7 Series is already equipped with Level 2+ self-driving functions, but it is equipped with hardware capable of providing Level 3 functions. Let’s take a look and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel!

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