BMW iX receives throttle house treatment

The BMW iX is probably the most polarized car in the brand’s lineup. Its appearance doesn’t really do it any good, because it’s not a great looking car, but its interior is great. However, that interior is also quite different from what BMW enthusiasts use and it destroys most of its physical control. It’s a car that fixes a lot of things but also does a lot of weird things, leaving BMW customers confused. To give you a broad breakdown of whether you should buy an iX, Throttle House hosts have talked about it.

This is a different style review from Throttle House, as it comes from their “Extra Throttle House” channel. Compared to the general review framework, this video is much more laid back and off the cuff. It’s not scripted, but instead features the two hosts talking openly about the car.

Neither of them likes to watch and it’s hard to blame them. The BMW iX is definitely a fun car. Its grille is not even the strangest part of the design; Neither its fun D-pillar, nor the weird wheel arch, or the weird wheel just doesn’t look right. It’s just a weird looking car and one that doesn’t exactly scream, especially its six-digit price tag (as tested).

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However, the interior of the BMW iX and how it operates makes for a lot of weirdness. The cabin, which no one has spent time in, is nice and probably the best BMW interior in history. Its new Bowers & Wilkens sound system is a victory, a big step up from iDrive 8 to iDrive 7, and its external visibility is outstanding.

It drives great. Enough power, good steering, and the best ride quality in the current BMW. It is exciting to use on a daily basis. Especially since you don’t have to see it from the inside. But is it good enough to transcend its appearance? Watch the video and find out.

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