Since the i3 sedan will be sold exclusively in China, BMW has not made a big deal internationally about the 3 Series without a combustion engine. That doesn’t stop us from sharing relevant content about what is known as i3 eDrive35L. We’ve already seen it in the official image and in a video, but a technology blogger from the People’s Republic has spent more quality time with EV.

Finished in the Ore White, the i3 sedan has optional 19-inch wheels that replace the standard 18-inch set. It keeps the regular size grille of non-M3 models, but with a close-off configuration since there is no combustion engine needed for cooling. The grille has a blue contour and is decorated with an “i” on the driver’s side kidney. Also, the six BMW rounds have blue accents and a back skirt.

Although not necessarily noticeable, the eDrive35L sits 44mm (1.73 inches) shorter than a petrol- or diesel-fueled 3 Series. The i3 sedan is the first 3er with air suspension, although it is only in the rear axle. Lightly updated lighting can be adopted internationally through conventional powered models with the upcoming LCI.

The i3 sedan will not be sold outside of China, but some 3 series are coming for LCI

Another change we’ll see in the Global 3 series is the switch to the iDrive 8 shared with the i4. The giant lever of the latter has created a simplified switch path in the same vein as the iX. It sits next to the dial to control the familiar blue start / stop button and the latest-gen infotainment.

As a refresher, the EV is based on a locally produced long-wheelbase configuration, hence the letter “L” at the end of the vehicle name. The i3 sedan is not the only China-made electric BMW because the iX3 is also manufactured there. However, the difference between the two is that RWD-only crossovers are available in the export market.

Source: Xiaoxin Technology / YouTube