BMW E30 with M62 V8 engine swap heaven sound

Car Mits is a great place to meet new people and discover impressive custom builds like this E30. The largest engine fitted by BMW in the second generation 3 Series was the 2.7-liter Straight-Six, but this car packs a powerful V8 punch. It is a well-known M62 engine in the M62B44 version with a 4.4-liter displacement.

It was a short-lived configuration of the M62 because BMW only installed it in three cars between 1996 and 1999. We are talking about 5 Series (E39) for 540i and 7 Series (E38) for 740i / 740iL. Of course, the original 8 Series (E31) was blessed with this powertrain for 840Ci. It produces about 280 horsepower a day, but we’re told it has been upgraded to this E30.

It delivers anywhere in the 340 hp region, thus 100 hp more than the flagship version of the iconic M3 Sport Evo, E30. As great as the sound of the engine is, some would argue the number of pop and bangs is a little higher. Regardless, it was one of the best sounding cars of the day. The Audi R8 and its V10 engines share the road with naturally aspiring supercars like the V12-powered Lamborghini Aventador, saying a lot considering it was in great company.

The E30 Dutch Car Meet has been enjoyed by some great companies

The V8-swapped E30 was not the only BMW to take part in the Netherlands’ Magisto event. We see an M235i sorted with an M Lever, M6 F13, M3 E46, and the latest M4 coupe. At one point, a Z4 M40i appeared on the camera, but it was the older 3 series that initially caught our attention.

Other details about the construction have not been released, but the car is apparently called Project Brutus. It has a roll cage and Recaro bucket seat, not to mention the wide wheels fit beefier fenders. Those who want to see more cars can access the dedicated page on Facebook.

Source: Gumbal / YouTube, E30 – Project Brutus / YouTube

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