BMW 7 Series with new reversing and parking assistant professional

Whenever a luxury automaker launches a new flagship, it always introduces new technology for the brand. By the way, the 7 Series G70 will be the first BMW to have a modified V8 light-hybrid engine and a 31-inch theater screen. The full-size sedan has not yet been fully unveiled – it will happen on April 20 – but more details are coming.

New parking assistant features

Another important innovation will be BMW’s next-generation automatic parking system. This is an evolution of the existing setup for which the driver still has to control the brakes and steering. In the upcoming configuration, the 7 Series G70 will do all the work itself and you don’t have to be inside the car. In fact, the Luxobarge will automatically run back and forth on the pre-established route. However, this is only possible if the owner is within 20 feet (6 meters) of the car.

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This may sound like a trick, but it can be effective when parking in a tight space. Such features are especially suitable for a large car such as the 7 Series with huge doors. Another scene is when the owner lives in an apartment building with his own parking area. The overhauled 7er will allow owners to pre-program the route to the designated parking spot. In this case, the car is smart enough to accelerate, brake and steer on its own.

The owner can see all the work in the 7 Series and stay inside or set foot outside and witness the wonders of engineering. You will be able to store 10 routes in your BMW database and four routes in one place Not only that, the car can even find an empty space so you don’t have to do it. You will be asked to decide whether the car should return to the free parking spot or go through the nose first.

Updated reverse assistant professional

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The updated BMW Reversing Assistant Professional now operates up to 200 meters, compared to 50 meters of the path recorded in the previous iteration. The system not only flips the car by itself, but it can also identify empty parking spots in the process and park the car for you. If in the past it was able to detect an empty space between two objects or vehicles, the new reversing assistant professional can now detect lanes. If there are two spaces, select the parking spot you want with iDrive 8 and the car will perform parking strategy on the front or rear.

Another great feature is the ability to properly park your BMW between the other two vehicles, even if they are not fully aligned in their parking spots. The sensors will determine how much space you need to get out of your car and park your BMW properly.

BMW’s latest reversing assistant professional, parking assistant professional, and remote maneuver assistant functions will debut with the 7 Series G70 / i7, which will come down to even fewer models in the coming years. Logic tells us that the Rolls-Royce Specter is coming towards the end of 2023 and will benefit from this advanced technology. Here’s an exclusive demo of the new BMW Reversing and Parking Assistant Professional.

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