The man in the back Living LifeFast The channel has a soft spot for the modified BMW and this E92 is just above its lane. It began life as a Plane 335i before going through more changes than we could count. The original car produced about 300 horsepower, but it now pumps more than twice as much. In fact, with 660 hp on the tap, it has more muscle than an M8 competition coupe and even accepts the powerful M5 CS.

It should be noted that this type of horsepower was achievable in a dinosaur experiment with 20% ethanol. The owner believes there was room for more, but he argues that 660 hp is enough for a road car. The E92 uses a single-turbo N54 that revs up to 7,000 rpm when the boost kicks in at about rpm.

The owner has owned the car for about five years and has decided to keep the exterior in stock This means that these E92 are somewhat sleeping monsters hiding under the hood. Of course, it’s a slipper as long as you can hear the engine’s beastly soundtrack. It’s the kind of noise that car enthusiasts would hate to hear in the morning.

In fact, the owner of the E92 wears an earplug so loudly that some would argue that the number of decibels has exceeded a comfortable limit. He has changed almost every aspect of the sports coupe, with the exception of the many times customized by the British aftermarket shop Walton Motorsport. Outside of the owner’s engine, some of the interior remained intact due to the tweak going into town.

The music in the engine is quite intoxicating, if not somewhat offensive. Some people like this brutal term for their modified cars, so we’re not judging anyone. The E92 is said to be priced at around 40,000, but the owner has not yet decided if he will sell it.

Source: LivinglifeFast / YouTube