The original M3 is a car that requires no identification because it has been universally evaluated, not just by BMW fans. Some have withstood the test of time better than others, and this 1990 example must be the clearest. It has been with its owner since day one and considering the condition of the car, it has been in good hands for so many years.

It's still a 32-year-old car, so every now and then, it's in store to equip the body to preserve the OEM look. It's time to drop this M3 E30 for a little work by Galpin Auto Sports of California. The sports sedan needed paint repairs and some body repairs, but nothing serious.

This M3 E30 is an explosion of the past

After working on the car, people at Galpin Auto Sports decided to shoot the M3 E30 in the boxy glory of the 1980s. The black, Turing car racing homologation model with tan interior is made at just under 200 horsepower per day. It packs quite a punch for just a four-cylinder engine without a turbocharger. We would be curious to know how many ponies are still found under the front-hinged hood.

Like all M3s of the E30 era, this original example transmits the power of the S14 via a five-speed manual gearbox. It is worth noting that the output of the engine was not the same all over the world as it depends on whether it was a four-fold catalytic converter. One of them had lost a few ponies, but nothing significant. The most powerful M3 E30 was the Sport Evolution with 238 hp while the race car was 360 hp.

Time will tell whether the G20 will be as beautiful as the E30, but to be honest, we don't see that happening.

Source: Galpin Auto Sports / YouTube