An easy trick to get into your car if you are locked with a key inside

Modern cars have keyless entry and many other features that remind the driver to take the key left when leaving the car. Such features were not present in older generation cars and many times, people would forget the keys inside the car and realize it only after they locked it. Most of the time, people don’t have extra keys and they either have to take the help of a lock maker or, in the worst case, break the window glass. There are many hacks available online for such people who often get locked out of the car. Here we have a simple strategy that can make things easier for such people.

The video was uploaded by Bright Side to their YouTube channel. The video shows various strategies to solve some of the problems that many motorists encounter on a daily basis. We will only talk about the lock technique. If you forget the key inside the car and the outside is locked, try this trick instead of breaking the window or taking the help of a locksmith. To implement this technique, you need to have duct tape.

Cut long strips of duct tape and paste vertically into the window. You need to paste 5-6 strips of duct tape on the window glass with the edges connected to each other. This is done to increase the grip and strength of the tape. Once this is done, stick at least a few strips of duct tape diagonally to make sure the tape stays on the spot. The ends of the tapes stuck vertically to the window should be joined together to form a single edge. This way the person trying to open the door can hold all the edges of the tape at once.

An easy way to get into a car if your car key is locked inside [Video]

Once he holds the edge of the tape properly, he can begin to pull the tape down. If the duct tape is properly attached to the window glass, then with the right amount of pressure, the person can pull the window glass down. Once the window glass is rolled down a bit, he can put his hand through the gap to push the glass further down. Once the glass is rolled enough, the person can easily take the car keys.

This is actually a good strategy that can work for many. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Breaking the car window glass should always be the last resort as sometimes removing broken glass from the cabin can be a chore and people can get injured if not done properly. If you break the glass, one must take the car to a service station and have the window replaced because driving without a window is not safe especially in a country like India where car theft is still a problem.

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