Allu Arjun and popular actors have issued invoices for black [Video]

As summer approaches, many car owners try to protect their vehicles from the greenhouse effect by installing black film. Although black film is banned in India, many actors and celebrities use dark colors in their vehicles. Although police members mostly ignore such celebrities, this year the traffic police are not releasing anyone including celebrity Allu Arjun.

Hyderabad police have launched a special operation to remove the black film and have issued invoices for all black vehicles. Recently, actor Allu Arjun was caught driving his Range Rover. Hyderabad police stopped his car and removed the black paint from the car.

Police have also issued an invoice of Rs 700 to Allu Arjun for the black photo. The actor paid the fine on the spot. Allu Arjun uses a customized Range Rover.

Telugu actor Allu Arjun arrested by police for playing Range Rover Sunfilm [Video]

Hyderabad police is conducting a special operation

Telugu actor Allu Arjun arrested by police for playing Range Rover Sunfilm [Video]

Hyderabad traffic police recently launched a special operation to stop such vehicles. Any movement with MLA stickers, fake stickers, black film has been stopped. All car owners of such vehicles have paid hefty fines.

Police stopped the car with black film and removed it. Also, the police removed any kind of sticker from the car.

Actors Allu Arjun and Kalyan Ram were detained on various occasions for running. Many other prominent celebrities in the city were also stopped.

Black films are not allowed

Tinted window rules are one of the most violated rules in India. While the application is strict in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, in many other cities, motorists continue to use tinted windows to protect themselves from the sun. It should be noted that aftermarket tinted windows of any kind are not allowed in Indian cars. This was done to ensure that crimes committed inside the vehicle could be easily noticed by pedestrians.

It is to be noted that no Indian politician including the Prime Minister of the country can use such sirens and flashers in their cars. Politicians have been fined in the past for this. This time, however, Patna police did not impose any fine for illegal attachment to the roof of the vehicle. In India, only emergency vehicles such as ambulances and official police vehicles are allowed to use sirens and strobes.

Also, it should be noted that under the new MV Act, the police can fine government officials twice the official amount prescribed for the general public. This rule will ensure that those in an authoritarian position do not break the rules and set an example for ordinary motorists using public roads.

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