After the speeding accident, the BMW driver threw rubbish in public [Video]

Most people in India take the law into their own hands and try to resolve it on the spot. Here is an incident in Mangalore where people trash a BMW 5-Series driver after a major accident.

Video by Nikhil Rana First shows the reason behind the driver tracing. The first part of the video shows how an out of control BMW 5-Series jumps a divider and hits a vehicle in the opposite direction.

The driver of the BMW 5-Series lost control of the vehicle at high speed. The sedan first pushes into a divider, pushes a woman across the road, and then pushes into a vehicle in the opposite lane. The speeding effect causes a lot of damage to the car.

When the driver of the BMW 5-Series got out of the car after the accident, the driver of the Hyundai i20 started throwing him on the road. The Hyundai i20 driver in the BMW 5-Series has several injuries. Several more people joined the crowd and started beating the BMW 5-Series driver.

We are not sure what happened next. The public seems to have injured the BMW 5-Series driver. It is illegal to engage in such road rage. In India, however, the public can get out of control and create a crowd mentality that causes such incidents.

Street anger can be dangerous

A BMW driver has been trashed in public after a speeding accident in Mangalore [Video]

This accident shows how road rage can occur after an incident and how dangerous it can become. It is always better to protect yourself from road rage during daily commute. It is better not to get involved with anyone on the road.

Road rage is something that can hit at any time and grow really fast. It is important to keep a cool head while driving / riding on chaotic Indian roads. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t fall into a road rage incident

Disappoint yourself

Driving should be a relaxing experience. Try to stay as relaxed as possible. Turn on the music, air conditioner to help you relax, take a deep breath and breathe easily. Just try to be in a good mood when going on the road.

Stay within the speed limit, signal at appropriate times when changing lanes, use your rearview mirror and pay adequate allowance for misconduct or aggressive behavior of others.

Nevertheless, despite your best efforts for a smooth drive, there may be others who are overly aggressive. Symptoms of such aggressive drivers include excessive horning, tailgating, pointing and swearing, knitting in lane or straddling lanes, and sudden acceleration and rapid braking. The best thing to do in such a situation is to let such crazy drivers go and hopefully the action will work with them – teaching them a lesson or trying to challenge them is not worth your time and blood pressure. Take your mind off it, think of your friends and family perhaps to calm your nerves quickly.

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