2023 BMW X7 LCI Visualizer Now Up, How Do You Speak It?

BMW doesn’t waste any time after unveiling a new product because it doesn’t take more than a few days to launch a 360-degree visualizer. In the case, the 2023 X7 LCI debuted earlier this week and is already on the German website. It’s not a fully developed configuration with all the options and pricing details, but you can customize a large SUV extensively.

Visualizer lets you choose from the standard X7 with or without the M Sport package and you can go one step further and specify your standard M60i. We spent some quality time on the BMW DE website picking out 10 exterior finishes and interior combinations. In addition to the regular paints, there are several distinct shades worth mentioning: Tanzanite Blue, Frozen Pure Gray and Amatrin.

2023 BMW X7 LCI 17 830x356

For the wheel choice, you can grow up to 23 inches, which represents a complete first for a production BMW. If it is too much, small 20- to 22-inch alloys are available. Inside, a myriad of leather upholstery items, including fancy items from personal catalogs, are selectable. We’d probably go with the Tartufo Marino, but there are many other finishes, including the complex for maintaining the white cabin.

2023 Alpina XB7 en route

If you want a BMW X7 LCI with a little more class, ALPINA unveiled the updated XB7 yesterday. However, Visualizer will not be uploaded to the company’s website until the first half of May. The more powerful version of the Buchloe will be priced at € 170,500 in Germany where it will acquire a thicker € 43,300 premium than the M60i. Alternatively, you can just stick with the BMW version and buy a 230i (from € 44,300) with that difference and enjoy it on the weekends.

It takes time to get used to the X7 LCI split headlights, which we can’t wait to see in real life. Meanwhile, you can play with the visualizer at the source link below.

Source: BMW Germany

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