2023 BMW i7 spies during final test in Nবারrburg

Finally April has come to us and that means we have entered the month when BMW 7 Series G70 will be unveiled. We are going to see the Bavarian flagship car not only with a combustion engine, but also with an electric powertrain. In fact, the prototype captured in Nবারrburging was the i7, which carried the entire manufacturing company under heavy camouflage.

Bigger and more responsible, the BMW’s delayed response to the Mercedes EQS appears to be pushed harder by the test driver. Some would argue that there is no place in the green hell of such a big and heavy sedan, but automakers would say differently. Nordschleife is where most European (and South Korean) manufacturers test their futuristic models. This is a challenging and long track, allowing companies to test different components to solve problems before starting production.

2023 BMW i7 Teaser 3 1 830x467

This is the case with BMW and its i7, ‘lumbar around the ring. No sound coming from the petrol or diesel engine, all we hear is the scream of the tire. Much like the iX, the electric sedan is expected to sell strongly with the xDrive. This means that all the flavors of the 7 Series EV will have one motor on the front and another on the rear.

An i7 xDrive60 version has already been confirmed by BMW USA on its website, but it will not be a flagship trim. Instead, we have a well-authorized version of the M Performance version of the crown jewel, possibly the dubbed i7 M70. This should serve as an indirect replacement for the soon-to-be-discontinued M760i and its powerful V12. Nothing official at the moment, but we expect about 640 hp on top of the 610-hp iX M60.

Love it or hate it, the next 7 Series / i7 will take on a whole new look

What you see is what you get in the sense that the prototype had a complete production body. It includes BMW’s already teased split headlight design, along with a pop-up door handle and a thin strip for taillights. The driver of the test vehicle must have changed the air suspension settings because the road clearance varies throughout the spy video.

The 7 Series and i7 are on the next line to get the big grille, not that the outgoing 7er LCI has any small kidneys anyway. Although the footage only captures the exterior, we know that the cabin will be radically altered. In addition to taking the iDrive 8, the range-topping BMW will have a screen for front passengers only. On the back, a huge 31-inch panoramic display will take the rear entertainment systems to a whole new level.

All will be released in less than three weeks.

Source: Automotive Mike / YouTube

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