2023 BMW i7 Reveals Sky Lounge Panoramic Glass Roof In New Teaser

Some teaser campaigns tend to be tedious because automakers promote the debut of a car more than they should. So much so that when it comes to official premieres, we rarely know. However, there are some exceptions because the BMW 7 Series G70 still has a lot of missing puzzle parts, especially if we talk about the i7.

A teaser image that almost flew under our radar came from the company’s German page Facebook. It shows that all the magic is usually performed in a full size luxury sedan. Of course, we’re talking about the rear seats where the 31-inch theater screen leads to the center stage. While this seems to be the centerpiece of the photo, the renovated 7er also features a new Sky Lounge.

2023 BMW i7 Teaser 1 830x554

Much like the 8K display hanging from the ceiling, the large panoramic glass roof would be an optional feature. The Sky Lounge doesn’t necessarily impress with its generous size, but thanks to those Nifty LED light threads. BMW says these will be individually adjustable, thus offering a sophisticated level of Rolls-Royce Starlight when it comes to ambient lighting.

We don’t have to wait any longer to see the 7 Series / i7 as the premiere is scheduled for April 20. With both riding on the same CLAR platform, we don’t expect any major design differences between the two. What you see in a combustion-engine model should be given for its electrical replica and vice versa. BMW has previously announced that the high-spec 7 Series models will feature crystal elements in the headlights.

The 7 Series G70 will be the most advanced BMW ever

From split lights and illuminated grills to light hybrids and Level 3 autonomy, the Bavarian flagship will have many firsts. In the same list, we can point out the automatic parking system, which will be smart enough to find a vacant space for you. In addition, it can steer, accelerate and brake without owning a car. The iDrive 8, theater screen, and Sky Lounge will not only be the interior party piece as the front passenger will have a touch interaction bar. Basically, it’s going to be a small display mounted on the dashboard for quick access.

The quad exhaust system is here to stay, but due to the M760i retiring it will not be offered on the V12 engine. BMW recently facelifted the X7 to give it a first M60i, which could also be offered for the 7 Series. It is a light-hybrid S68 engine with a 4.4-liter, twin-turbo V8, with a smaller B58 inline-six also adopting 48V technology.

Following the launch next week, the new BMW 7 Series / i7 should start selling by the end of the year.

Source: BMW Germany / Facebook

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