10 Things You Can’t Do In A Supercar In India That You Can Do In A Regular Car!

Many people dream of owning a supercar in India. They can give you thrills and exclusivity but supercars are not very practical. In fact, there are some things that a regular car can do very easily in our country where a supercar struggles a lot.

Use even 10% electricity on public roads

India is a very densely populated country which is why we encounter heavy vehicles on our roads. Most supercar owners live in urban areas which means they have to get their supercars out at night when they can use the power of their supercars. This is because the vehicles will be stuck in traffic during the day and they will not be able to use even 10 percent of the electricity. So, it is rare for them to pedal the accelerator pedal of their supercar.

Can’t be taken anywhere without research

Most of the regular car people just leave for their destination. However, the same cannot be said for Supercars. If the road is broken or there are long speed breakers, the supercar will not be able to clear them and will get stuck. So, supercar owners either send their car with a flat-bed or they plan a route.

Attention from the police

Enthusiasts in India get excited even if a new car is launched and seen on the road for the first time. So, you can imagine what a supercar would do. Not only motorists, but also supercars attract the attention of the police who want to take pictures of themselves with the supercars.

Special mechanics required

If our car starts to have problems we can only go to the roadside mechanic who can take a look and fix the car even if it is a minor problem. However, this is not the case with Supercar. If it breaks you have to call a flat-bed truck, you can’t even tow it. Then you need to find a specialized mechanic or an official service center. This is because such high-performance engines are complex and if they become chaotic, they can cost a lot of money to repair.

Get your car repaired quickly

10 Things You Can't Do In A Supercar In India That You Can Do In A Regular Car!

Supercar spare parts are not readily available. Because these are imported to our country and spare parts also have to be imported. Depending on the availability of parts, repairing a supercar in India can take weeks or even months.

Use any fuel station

10 Things You Can't Do In A Supercar In India That You Can Do In A Regular Car!

Supercars run on high power performance engines which means they are not meant to run on regular petrol. They often require high octane rated fuel which is recommended by the manufacturer. This type of petrol is not available at every petrol pump. So, first you need to find a petrol pump that sells high octane fuel. If you use low quality fuel it can damage the engine which means big repair costs.

Be prudent in traffic

10 Things You Can't Do In A Supercar In India That You Can Do In A Regular Car!

It is very clear that if you own a supercar it will attract a lot of attention and turn a lot of heads. People will start clicking pictures or making videos. They will get excited and try to get close to the car so they can see inside.

Dealing with big speed breakers

Automobile manufacturers consider road types when launching a car in a particular country. This is why most of the cars sold in India have good ground clearance, small rims and a good amount of sidewall tires. However, supercar manufacturers do not change their vehicles for specific countries. Our Indian road speed breakers can easily damage a supercar because of how low they are and how easy it is to scrap the bottom. This is the biggest reason why people are hesitant to buy supercars in our country.

Parking in peace

India is not a country where you can expect other people to respect private space. People get curious very quickly and then they start bajimat with cars. It can cause minor scratches, they can be unintentional but there is plenty of money to repair scratches in a supercar.

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