Very few people with the gift of sight peeked at the new G80 M3 and felt that it was not aggressive enough or bright enough. Love it or hate it, it's a car that apparently punches you in the face. However, if this isn't dramatic enough for you, there are plenty of aftermarket upgrades to give your BMW M3 added visual punch. This new Vorsteiner rear spoiler does this, as well as adding downforce.

This new Vorsteiner trunk spoiler for the G80 BMW M3 will definitely set your car apart from the cars of your other fellow M3 owners. It looks aggressive, made of carbon fiber and adds downforce that will help traction in rear tires that rear drive M3s can use.

vorsteiner carbon fiber decklid spoler 00 830x434
Picture of Precision Sport Industries

The decalled spoiler is handmade in carbon fiber and is nice to look at. And thanks to the elegant design with generous opening, it is also quite effective in managing the air outside the car. It also has a nicely sculpted centerpiece that adds a little more flair to the M3's aggressive rear.

vorsteiner carbon fiber decklid spoler 03 830x554

This Vorsteiner trunk spoiler looks really good and doesn't look objectionable, as many trunk spoilers can. It is also quite different from the M Performance Parts which will please many car nordes inside the car. If you already have some Carbon Fiber Arrow upgrades from Vorsteiner, this new spoiler will be a nice addition to the look of your car. If you are interested in getting it for your M3 it will cost 1,895

If you also want to change the design of the grille, Vorsteiner has covered you with VRS Aero Carbon Fiber front grille. Instead of making the grille smaller and adding a new front bumper to it, Versteiner kept the size of the grille but tactfully changed the bits inside to make it look like a smaller, more simple BMW grille.

[Source: Vorsteiner]